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Change in Transaction Volume

For listings sold in Q1 '21 vs. Q4 '20Percentage increase or decrease in the volume of sold transactions compared to the previous quarter for this ZIP code


Change in Median Price

For listings sold in Q1 '21 vs. Q4 '20Percentage increase or decrease in the median price of sold transactions compared to the previous quarter for this ZIP code


Change in Median PPSF

For listings sold in Q1 '21 vs. Q4 '20Percentage increase or decrease in the median price per square foot for sold transactions over the previous quarter for this ZIP code


Median Days on Market

For listings sold in Q1 '21Median number of days from when a property was first listed until it went into contract compared to the previous quarter for this ZIP code

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Regardless of whether you are looking at selling your home, or just want to see what your residence might be really worth, check out myt "Home Value" resource below. This tool will let you see what homes are selling for in your area, but also let you see closed home prices as well. The easy to use program lets you see an estimate of your home's value based on comparable homes in the area. Give it a try right away and let me know if you would like a professional value analysis on your property.



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